Chris Brunner

Contemporary Abstract Sculpture and Public Art

Stone and steel. Strong. Sharp. Heavy. Yet solidly grounded in the natural world. Chris Brunner finds meaning in mathematical formulas, sees messages in geometric form. Using elemental materials, he creates engaging public art for both public and private spaces. His work ranges from abstract sculpture to site-specific landscape art to environmental sculpture. Working in large scale and small formats, he finds practical solutions to architectural and landscape design challenges. He’s at home on multidisciplinary teams with architects, landscape architects, engineers and planners seeking holistic approaches to the unique circumstances of each project. He accepts commissions to create one-of-a-kind installations for indoor and outdoor public art as well as garden sculpture and dramatic, distinctive pieces for private residences.

Breathing Stories Into Steel and Stone

Some may see Brunner’s work as pure expressions of line and form. Others feel an old soul at work within the pieces, expressed with a timeless edge. Through years of experimentation, trial and error, he has sought ways to create depth and breathe life into the bends and turns of granite, limestone and steel.

The finished pieces both provoke and engage, often conjuring up a Zen sculpture garden or the Asian aesthetic of yin/yang. He’s not always looking for warm and comfortable. Beneath the carefully developed patinas, the steel and stone, he urges you to dig deeper, to see through the surface and into the darkness – where he explores war and greed. Politics and religion.

Private or Public Art Commissions

Other works celebrate nature and life and all the things that give us substance. The elements – earth, water, sky – form recurring themes. He builds each piece to stand proud and tall, to create a substantial presence in any environment. It can be a silent sentinel safeguarding your garden or overseeing your inner sanctum, offering protection and strength. Brunner reflects intensively on the human condition, obsessed with life and work and honor. He pulls these influences together into work that makes an instant impact and leaves a lasting impression.

Owning a Brunner

The inventory of finished work constantly changes as pieces sell and others are completed. Brunner also welcomes inquiries for commissions. Call or email for a current listing or to commission work.