Artist Statement

Art is life. Even at the dawn of human awareness, our distant ancestors felt the need to draw, paint and sculpt to create a record of their everyday existence. Though our world has become much more complex, we still feel that pull. We look for ways to represent our lives, and what we think about life. We know that none of us sees things the same way, yet we want to communicate our insights and we attempt to appreciate others’ viewpoints.

I also believe art transcends what we usually think of as art. So cooking, gardening, conversation, planning a trip, raising a child, etc., all can be and should be art. Regardless of career, economic position, education or locale, everyone has the potential for creativity. But we must make the choice to reach within ourselves for that spark. When you view life as art, you tap that potential to enrich yourself – to communicate your world. In the end, each new work is nothing more than a record of life at that moment.

Turning Challenges into Art

Brunner holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Bethany College and a master’s of fine arts in sculpture from Wichita State University. After completing post-graduate studies in 1979, he worked for Trotter Brothers, designing and manufacturing theatrical props, puppets and stages. He then served as production supervisor at the Design Centre, overseeing the conception and fabrication of wildly diverse yet purposeful displays for trade shows, retail venues and more. A 30-foot iceberg. A 20-foot champagne bottle. The world’s largest Christmas tree. In these creations, Brunner learned to tackle difficult problems with originality and vision.

An active artist for more than 40 years, Brunner is equally adept with public art projects, private commissions or themed exhibitions. Landscape art. Modern sculpture. Environmental sculpture. His work includes a monolithic sculpture for ABC-TV’s “Extreme Home Makeover.” He also collaborated on design and production of a large-scale public art of a stone battleship, earthworks, outdoor art and interpretive exhibit on the grounds of Wichita’s Mid-America All-Indian Center, located at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers.

Brunner is married to Sonia Greteman and is protected by the Schipperke Security Company.

Private Collections

  • Allison Baker
  • Anita Cochran
  • Ann Townsend
  • Bill and Judy Hess
  • Bill Jinks
  • Bill Yeager
  • Bud and Toni Gates
  • Carol Ochs
  • Charles Baker
  • Chris Gomez and Carlise Williams
  • Connie and Phil White
  • Denice Bruce and Randy Bradbury
  • Don Osborn
  • Elizabeth and Don King
  • Frank Redmond and Madeline Johnson
  • Gary Stevenson
  • Dr. George and Eleanor Lucas
  • Georgia and Keith Stevens
  • Glen Cunningham and Marcus Wilkerson
  • Graham Ross
  • Guy and Carol Glidden
  • Helen Galloway
  • Herb and Kathy Crumsick
  • Howard Ellington
  • Janel Razook
  • Jeff Kennedy and Patti Gorham
  • Jerry Martin
  • Jim and Ruthie Gillespie
  • Joe Goodwin
  • Julie Sheppard
  • Keith and Georgia Stevens
  • Marjory Nagel
  • Marni Vilet
  • Martin and Ann Bauer
  • Mary Lynn and Bill Oliver
  • Dr. Matt Goltl
  • Matt and Nancy Michaelis
  • Mike and Dee Michaelis
  • Mike Harris
  • Patrick Habkirk
  • Randy Brown and Gene Stucky
  • Robert Layton
  • Ron and Lee Starkel
  • Royce Smith
  • Ruthann and Scott Martin
  • Steve Rasmussen
  • Ted Farha
  • Tod and Linda Ernst
  • Trish Higgins

Business Collections

  • Celebrity Cruiselines
  • CityArts
  • City of Wichita
  • Drury Hotel
  • Emprise Bank
  • Greteman Group
  • Harris and Co. Frame Shop
  • Hutton Construction
  • Key Construction
  • Mark Arts
  • Martin Pringle Law
  • Old Town Chiropractic
  • Planet Hair
  • Range Oil Company

Past Exhibitions

  • MarkArts Abstract
    Group show 2020
  • MarkArts Regional
    Juried exhibition 2020
  • CityArts
    Group show 2019
  • Once Cut 2019
    One man exhibition
  • Mark Arts Invitational
    Group show 2018
  • In the Hands of Fools, 2014
    The Diver Gallery
  • Hard Rain, 2011
    Don Osborn/Chris Brunner
  • ArtAid 2008 Featured Artist
    October 11, 2008
  • RockDog, 2007
    One man exhibition
  • CityArts, 2006
    Group exhibition
  • Center for the Arts, 2005
    Featured Artist
  • Tipperary, 2005
    One man exhibition
  • ArtAid, 2004-2011
    Group exhibition
  • City Arts, 2004
    Invitational exhibition